The expands flywheel with self adjustment

It is clear that any storm wind farms are put out of service, to avoid damage. I even found a movie in the internet, where a large wind farm has literally exploded under a gust of wind. His speed was too high.

These damages because it took over a high speed. However, I could never find a suitable flywheel solution.

But you must then just throw away all that energy that gives us a good storm? A storm spread a huge amount of energy which should then be able to turn into electricity.

So I thought that:
We integrate the propeller behind a fly on the main axis which extends depending on the number of revolutions by centrifugal force, and so regulates itself by itself. A flywheel there should already be so, but unfortunately I have not found anything on the Internet. Maybe you find it?

  • With gusts creating a balance of energy flow. This will limit the speed of the propeller.
  • May develop as a fixed maximum speed, without losing energy, since the flywheel extends, and accumulates the energy itself.

  • The plant will become heavier and require more substantial construction.
  • Slight loss of energy on the bearings plus the central axis, but regained it several times in case of strong wind.

But how you could build a fly?

Here is an example of how I would start:

self expands flywheel

In the picture above I designed this fly with 4 segments self-regulating. Course could be just 2 or 3, but also 20. The correct number of segments, one could only find in real tests.

The advantage is obvious:: In case of strong gusts of wind the propeller increases its speed. The centrifugal force in the flywheel is to extend the weights out and so increases the diameter of the flywheel itself. Consequently, the propeller can not increase the speed too. Also enlarged the flywheel kinetic energy accumulated hours. This energy then goes more regularly to the generator when the gust of wind decreases.

This means that when the wind decreases between two bursts, then the weights slowly falling inwards, the diameter of the flywheel decreases. Thus, the shuttle transfers its kinetic energy to the generator on a regular basis and proportionate, without losing a lot of laps and the next gust of wind, it is already at higher revolutions.

Additional Option:

In this type of flywheel, elements extending open side. While flying in the higher the items you dodge vertically outwards from the point of view of the axle.

 variant of self expands flywheel

I believe the exact function could be developed with strong springs, in order to collect the items in the case of weak wind and still allow a sufficient number of turns for the generator. The elements of the flywheel should be free on both sides.

elements of an expanding self-adjusting flywheel

The balance of this flywheel but could cause serious problems. Other hand, I could imagine that a properly installed spring and the correct unfolding of the swing elements, could regain balance and equilibrium of the flywheel itself.

My personal opinion

A flywheel that expands according to the centrifugal force would be a good solution for small wind turbines and propellers to coat. For wind turbines for wind generators that flywheel could be a surplus of energy.

The only problem I see in its balance and equilibrium. But perhaps such a flywheel heaves itself, since the weights are pushed by centrifugal force to the outside. Probably but it needs a self-balancing technology. Maybe some of you have a good idea ready.